Appreciate the Game For What It Is

It is quite apparent that authors who achieve success write about that which excites them. Their passion comes through with every word they scribe. Now, I am certainly not an experienced writer but I do know what I love…the sport of football, and namely the National Football League.

After having read literally hundreds of articles from industry “experts”, I felt that their knowledge of the game often usurped any emotion for the sport. What was/is missing is a primal connection to that which brings hundreds of thousands to their feet each week all across the country. As fans, we anticipate every nuance of the sport…the pageantry of every broadcast, the raw physicality of every helmet to helmet hit, the subtlety of an audible called right before the snap of the ball. Sure, we sometimes blindly pledge allegiance to our hometown heroes but that is what is even more telling about this incredible gridiron battle. The late George Carlin once did a bit concerning the differences between baseball and football. Besides the obvious humor, and believe me it was hilarious, one should listen to it to gain a keener insight into how this sport epitomizes the “soldier mentality” in all of us. Perhaps that is why so many adore the NFL as much as I do.

Please understand. I positively enjoy college football, arena football, high school football, sandlot football, etc. The NFL represents the best the sport has to offer and so it takes a rightful place atop the pedestal before all football fans. Video games, i.e. the Madden series, are huge sellers. More money is bet on the Super Bowl each year than on anything else. Fantasy Football opened up a whole new industry and participation grows yearly. This much support speaks volumes about the sport’s popularity ราคาต่อรองบอล ufabet and its ever-broadening viewership.

So, I’ve established why I love football so much. Now comes the more tedious part. What practical information can I impart to readers that will enable them to not only understand the game better but encourage them to join me in blissful fandom? Well, for one thing I know that season after season, those prognosticators who lay odds on the outcome of each battle and the season-long war, aren’t as perfect as they would have you believe. So knowledge is in the eye of the beholder. Far be it for me (or anyone) to question a fan’s support and hope for his/her team when “on any given Sunday” anything can happen. Yes, tendencies can help influence our opinions but ultimately the players on the field decide their own fate. All the rhetoric about whose quarterback is most accurate, whose running back is fastest and whose defense the most opportunistic can’t with absolute certainty predict the outcome of each contest.