Back to School Activities for Kids

A few fun ways of getting small children back into the school groove is to have a great time exercises that make them need to get advancing once more. Here are a few sonnets and thoughts that you can use to get your young ones fired up for school once more!

Sonnets about Names:

Young men’s Names

What magnificent names for young men there are! There’s Carol like a moving vehicle, And Martin like a flying bird, And Adam like the Lord’s First Word, And Raymond abc kids like the collect moon, And Peter like a flute player’s tune, And Alan like the streaming on Of water. What’s more there’s John, similar to John. – Eleanor Farjeon

Young ladies’ Names

What beautiful names for young ladies there are! There’s Stella like the evening star, And Sylvia like a stirring tree, And Lola like a tune, And Flora like a fancy morn, And Sheila like a field of corn, And Melusina like the groan Of water. Furthermore there’s Joan, as Joan. – Eleanor Farjeon

ABC and You Amazing Amanda Brave Brandon Curious Caroline Daring Dan Energetic Emily Freckled Freddie Graceful Gloria Happy Henry Ill Ida Jumping Jayden Kind Kayden Little Lucy Marvelous Mason Napping Noah Organized Olivia Proud Peter Quiet Quince Royal Rosie Soapy Susie Tumbling Taren Unhappy Ursula Victorious Vince Wet Walter Excited Xavier Yawning Yolanda Zicppity Zack

Occupied Poems that assistance with counting

Ten Little School Kids (or substitute Busy Bees) One Little, Two Little, Three Little School Kids Four Little, Five Little, Six Little School Kids Seven Little, Eight Little, Nine Little School Kids Ten Little Back to School Kids!

Dreary Poems assist kids with remembrance and make them giggle.

The Wheels on the Bus The wheels on the transport go all around Round and adjust, all around The wheels on the transport go all around All through the town. (Turn gives up one another)