Final Survival Online Game Tips

There are several games that deal with zombies, but “Final Survival” is one of the best online games that tackles the “problem” of zombies. In this online app your mission is to destroy all the zombies before they take over the city, you can use all kinds of weapons to achieve this goal.

You can move your character with the arrow keys and press A to fire your weapon. Change weapons by pressing the keys 1 to 6 or you can rotate the weapons using the “Q” and “E” keys. Once you fire the bazooka and grenades, make sure to stay as far away from them as possible, as you will also be caught in the blast.

Before starting the game, you have two options that will allow you to choose the battlefield, you can face these zombies in the once peaceful city of Los 안전놀이터 Angeles or you can go to the “Grand Stadium”, which is believed to be the place where the highest concentration of these undead creatures.

Choosing your players correctly can give you a great advantage, you will have several options and each character has different abilities, for example some are faster, stronger or have better weapons than others, these are:

-Shawn: An American soldier who wants to play his part to clean the city of zombies, his strength lies in the weapons he uses that are the most effective compared to the rest of the characters, although his speed and explosives are not they are so effective.

-Sef: Born in Africa, his people were annihilated by these creatures and now he wants revenge. He is very fast but his weapons and explosives are not that effective.

-Sergei: A Russian mercenary hired to exterminate as many zombies as he can. His speed and machine gun power aren’t that great, but when it comes to explosives, he’s the best.

Weapons specialists will love this one, you can rotate between several types of these, they are: shotguns, rifles, AK-47, grenades, Uzi submachine gun and a bazooka.

The first level is quite easy, you have to face 3-5 zombies that are almost harmless, this job can be done with the shotgun. Once you enter level 2 things change because now you will have to use the rifle or the Uzi to deal with all the zombies that will get in your way, first you have to try to kill the big red ones that look like demons because they are capable of shooting you and deal more damage than the small ones (they’re also faster). If you find yourself badly outnumbered, you can use the grenades or the bazooka, but make sure you stay away from the blast, otherwise you’ll get caught. In it, kill as many zombies as you can and have fun!