Ten Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing does not belong on the high school elective lists. A real estate investing degree is not an accredited degree. There won’t be any guidance counselor at a college or high school who suggests a career in real-estate investing.

The U.S. educational system and curriculum is a poor attempt to prepare students for just “get a work.” Unfortunately, there is not a class in “Making Money 101.” The opportunity to take a class on “How to Become Financially Independent” is not available. There has never been a class called “How to succeed when everyone else is failing.” During my 10 years at university, I did not learn any lessons about being an entrepreneur and becoming rich. I was only able to become a multimillionaire by learning the skills of real-estate investing. Through trial-and-error, I learned these skills at the University of Hard Knocks.

Don’t discount the costs of education. There’s no free lunch. This knowledge-based approach to making money is not available in a classroom. However, if you think education is costly, consider the cost of ignorance.

But, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to learn real estate investing. Yes, it’s true, there are many real estate investing TV infomercials that charge big money for 3-day seminars or week-long Boot Camps. They will want to charge you fees later. Real estate investing infomercials, seminars, and workshops all target you to be a candidate for “real Estate investing coaching.” For “coaching,” they can charge up to $25,000 or more per year. Of course, you will be assigned to someone “still wet in the ears” who will call you every week or monthly to hold your hand and tell you what common sense and persistent drive should already have told you. I know the intricacies of the real estate investing system. I am familiar with many of these “gurus”. It has been a close friendship for 25 years. The fees charged by the promoters are too high because they have deep pockets.

25 years ago, I began my career in real estate investment. Real estate investing TV infomercials weren’t common and seminars on the subject were very rare. Mark Haroldsen began to follow a trend initiated by Nick Nickerson, Al Lowry, and Nick Nickerson back then by hosting periodic real estate investing seminars all over the country. Later, Robert Allen further expanded the industry. Robert Allen promoted real-estate investing conventions in major U.S. cities. He discovered a market to sell expensive information packages on real estate investing. The years guglu.ca with TV infomercials and expensive seminars. Many people today who are interested in real estate investing but don’t want a poor salary for a job, such as Dullsville, believe they will have to pay a lot more for the right knowledge.

These wanna-bees will often discover that real estate investing education is easier than they thought by diligently searching.

The ability to invest in real estate is one of the easiest skills that you can learn. The most popular career on Planet Earth is likely real estate investing. Houses are now more common because people live in houses rather than caves. There is nothing that can improve America’s poor housing conditions like real estate investment in fixing up properties.

Aspirants with entrepreneurial mindsets who are drawn to the real-estate investing industry often see a way beyond their current job. Alternatives to costly seminars and coaching are available through books and online courses.

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