Window Removal

Before you can replace your windows, you need to remove them. When installing window frames of larger or smaller size window removal is a must. Old pocket weight windows are easy to enlarge by using the pocket space on each side of the window. However, in situations where more than one window is to be installed in an opening, the window removal will get really hairy and you will want to consider hiring a contractor before you replacement windows Denver. Modern window factories can make custom windows mulled together so more than one window can share any opening. If you do not have to replace the whole window frame, then window removal is an easy task to do with a buddy. All the required tools can be found in the average toolbox, like a hammer, pry bar, screwdriver, saw and caulk.

To remove a window, first remove the exterior trim with a pry bar. Then remove the storm window if there is one. Use a razor blade to cut the sash cord and the weights should fall down. Remove the sash. This is usually the easiest part. The upper sash may have a wood wedge holding it in that you can knock out with a chisel. Use the chisel again to drive into the rabbet and pull out the stop. Then remove the balance cord pulleys. The cords should screw out, but if they do not you may have to chisel them out. Then remove the interior window trim, being careful to keep all nails if you are going to reuse the trim. Check your Denver window company’s dimension guidelines for your particular window. These older style windows with sash weights allow cold air in around around the sash pocket. A new construction window Sash Window Repairs Kent requires removing the whole window sill and frame.

You should then prepare the opening to the rough dimensions required. If the opening is square and is within manufacturer dimension you can install now. If the replacement window is smaller, block in the opening on as many sides as needed. Once the opening is level and within guidelines you are ready to go.

To enlarge a window, remove the frame and cut the interior wall surface to the desired dimensions. Before cutting make sure you are not cutting into any ducts or electrical equipment, and verify you are not cutting any necessary structural support. Additional temporary support for the ceiling should be installed before removing the header and any studs. A Denver windows company can install a new header and studs using appropriate structural materials. Larger windows may require large 2by8 or 2-by-12 studs. Put your sill plates in before the cripple studs.