Taste of Wisconsin Chocolate

So does having cravings make you addicted to chocolate? Are you a chocaholic?The problem is that constantly telling yourself that you are addicted and therefore unable to help yourself is self-defeating. Whatever you tell yourself will if said often enough,Can You Live Without Chocolate? Articles make the subconscious mind believe what you are saying is the truth. Your subconscious mind does not reason it just accepts whatever it is told without question.

If you are addicted to chocolate, like any other addiction it is an illness, no different from being addicted to drinking, smoking, gambling or drug taking. Many homes have broken up because one of the partners has developed an addiction and this usually can quickly impoverish the family, as the addict has to keep finding the money to satisfy his or her addiction.

Can Being Addicted To Chocolate Harm You?What if you are addicted to One Up Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar
chocolate? What harm can it do you?If you are on a weight loss diet, eating chocolate can sabotage your efforts.

What’s In Chocolate That Can Make You Fat?Chocolate contains more of the ‘harmful fats’. But if you must eat some chocolate, go for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, because dark chocolate has less ‘harmful fat’ than milk chocolate.

Why Do We Crave?There are chemicals in chocolate, both dark chocolate and milk that are similar to taking Marijuana. But you would have to eat about 25 pounds to get the same effect.

But just as Marijuana is a drug that if taken often leads to addiction. So taking excessive amounts of chocolate can have the same effect and give you a ‘high’.

Your Addiction May Have Started In ChildhoodYou can inherit a sweet tooth from your parents. New York University did some research on mice and found there is a genetic reason why some people crave sugary foods.

Two strains of mice were used in the experiment. One group preferred sweetened water and the other group unsweetened. It was found that a certain gene was missing in one of the groups. They then looked for this gene in humans.

The Chemistry of ChocolateChocolate like other sweet foods stimulates the release of endorphins that make us feel good. With over 300 chemicals in chocolate is it any wonder we crave it?One of these chemicals found in chocolate is Theobromine that relaxes the smooth muscles in the linings of the lung.

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